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Pre-Summer, the season of envy
June 16, 2017, 3:40 pm
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20May2017–First corn.

27May2017–Box turtle laying eggs, and have found varying hatch times from 70 to 90 days.

Been in the 90’s. Humid. The kind of weather that shuts me down. Not too smart to begin with, and when half my brain goes into aestivation…….now what were we talking about? It is the season of envy in that it becomes more common to see thunderheads, hear thunder, smell rain—and yet not get rain. The last of the organized fronts may have moved through by now, so we will be dependent upon these itinerant showers for rain and sustenance. It is not yet full Summer, as there is still a breeze. When it gets still and too hot and too humid, that is summer. I have done my share of sweating so far, but the real Big Sweat has not yet begun. Fired up the chainsaw two days in a row, and almost feel like a real man as a result. Ah, gas and oil fumes, the chance for massive injury, and abominable noise—Man Sign, unmistakably.

Can’t say anything about taking a gun to baseball practice. Aberrant behavior has become normal. Just getting along is not to many folks’ advantage, because they can make or collect no money if folks get along. I think we need to get along and let the bastards starve to death in the dark.

Hope you are not in the dark, crusty.

Best buy at Trader Joe’s: Teeny Weeny Avocados. Single serving avos at a reasonable price. Pound Plus Chocolate a close second.

Someone said that we are in deep trouble in terms of national politics. My response was that we have been in trouble ever since Richard Nixon walked free. No accountability. Time for the tree of democracy to be renewed. Bernie, thank you for your efforts. Elizabeth Warren for President.

I think that the ability of the American voters to be embarrassed is far exceeded by Trump’s ability to embarrass. This is not the kind of “plenty” anyone had in mind.

Am sure I am behind the times, but “Every Brilliant Thing” on HBO is….brilliant.

The world is full of disturbing news & unfortunately, we are not left out.

It’s the delusion that apparently I’ve been assigned, since I’ve found no reliable override, that something in this life is perfectible. J. Puckett, said of his quest for the perfect baguette, perfect ear on the sourdough, etc.

Ah, the Brits. No one can say it like the Brits. Protestors: What do we want? Moderation! When do we want it? Soonish! Also, in reference to the latest cock-up election results: It’s a mess. It’s a pig’s breakfast.

First corn:

Jungle gym for lizards:

Damn cowbirds, which hatched out and left mom and dad bluebird to abandon these:

Could not believe it…
May 30, 2017, 3:22 pm
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Just heard a CNN newscaster come to Donald Trump’s defense in that he had “not [yet] physically assaulted a fellow elected official.” Scurried around and found a CNN feedback link. Said to CNN that actually getting to the truth might require some research. Any physical assaults by President Tweet on elected officials? Hmmmmmmmmm. Ever?? Hmmmmmmm.

The answer is that Tweet reserves his assaults for women, a segment of our society that is under-represented in this society’s elected officials.

I look forward to Tweet’s first assault upon a woman who is trained in self defense.

CNN Feedback url: Breaking News, Latest News and Videos


Breaking News, Latest News and Videos


Other places, other markers of Spring
May 15, 2017, 4:47 pm
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12Mar2017–Have never seen a mockingbird at a seed feeder, but did today, responding very well to a mix of about six parts small seed, one part crunchy peanut butter, and one half part vegetable oil. Hanging cottage cheese container, cheap, easy, and a good stop for wrens, tufted titmouse, finches, and the squirrels can’t deal with the thin wire hanger.

14Mar2017–First cornflower bloom.

15Mar2017–Road Trip!! Went about 6,000 miles @ 41.2mpg in my little white tictac toyota. Louisiana, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, and return.

16Mar2017–Learned that a solution of chia seed and water looks like frog eggs.

17Mar2017–Texas bluebonnets.

21Mar2017–91 degrees, Ft. Stockton, TX.

22Mar2017–Sign at New Mexico rest area: Beware of Rattlesnakes

23Mar2017–Hummingbirds, and basking slider turtles, Tucson, AZ.

28Mar2017–Honeybee licking pollen from my car window, and put up a hummer feeder, Albuq, NM.

03Apr2017–Forsythia and Japanese Magnolia in full bloom, Denver.

06Apr2017–Transplanting garlic and weeding, Denver.

07Apr2017–Friday night fish fry, Denver.

09Apr2017–Roasting chicken dinner for the infirm, Fort Collins.

12Apr2017–Crossed Continental Divide, twice, and saw magpies mating in the road, ravens, Rough-Legged Hawk, Prairie Falcon.

13Apr2017–Ladybug, Challis, ID

Caught up in living, splitting wood, and not too much observation of nature. Dang. Living good, tho.

20Apr2017–Wood ducks, mallards, mergansers, Canada geese, Salmon River in Idaho

02May2017–Roadrunner in suburban Albuquerque, just cruisin along. Beep beep.

08May2017–Watched the landscape turn from tan to brown to greenish to very green, from Albuquerque to Dallas. Saw the first of the winter wheat being harvested.

08May2017–Nighthawks, Dallas.

10May2017–Bobwhite quail calling, heard from home garden.

15May2017–Hummingbird feeders up, finally.

Dogs met along the way include: Beau, Tilly, Samson, Murphy, Louie, King Louie, and Louie again, George, Lucy, Marilyn, Felix, JayCee, Gracie, Cal, General Patton, Roscoe, Mr. Brown, Casey, Sawyer, Mojo, Pepper, Wienie, Rucco, Mavik, Sammi, Grumpy, Princess (in Aztec, sounds like “seawall”), Boris, Milo, Miss Maybelline (sister to Old Smokey #10), Boudreaux, Comet, Jax, Roxie, Sapper, Poopi, Bella, Opie, Shiba Inu breed—but I forget the name, Cody, Sophie, Champ, Blue, Tilly, Divina, Betty the horse sized Newfie, and others that fell victim to my CRS.

Had no, repeat no, cats curl up with me, name or no name, but I did pick up Zuni and had a little kitty chat, and a short chat with Dot.

Maximum number of aircraft in sight at one time: 6 in Denver.
Maximum number of hummingbirds in sight at one time: 4 in Albuquerque

Did the frost get me and my garden?? Thus the gambling factor in farming and gardening. Hope the folks who do it for a living do well enough for all of us. Amazing process, this growing of food. We count on living creatures to process things that our bodies can’t use as nutrients into those nutrients that are necessary for life. The capture sunlight, transform it into a fungible good, and surrender their bodies and seed to us, for our use. In short, I would rather have most plants than some humans I can think of. Oxygen is just a bonus, which compares especially well with the hot carbon dioxide produced in large quantity by politicians, preachers, real estate & insurance agents, undertakers, coal burners, etc.

Have been heading gradually north and Spring is keeping pace with me. Pollen has not let up since I left the South. The birds are busy mating and nesting wherever I go, and I left a nest with four bluebird eggs in it at home, 15March. Public library software seems to be pretty uniform, and usage seems to be good, with everyone (even me) receiving kind service. At my most distant point from home now, in Challis, ID. Will be backtracking from now on, stopping to do work, unfinished or not started.

Have seen triple trailer big rigs, trains with five and six pulling/pushing units, snowcapped mountains, rushing streams colored by glacial flour, sere and severe landscapes that I would not want to walk across, much less try to derive a living from, hardy and hearty people, old friends and some new. A good place to be welcome, the West. If you are unwelcome, could be Hell.

The convoluted, well-tossed geology of central Idaho still in my head, I am headed back south and east. People to see, work to do, and different waters to drink, air to breathe. I have been in country where one can see the entire outline of clouds on the landscape, and watching these slow motion dancers gave me insight toward those authors of old who proposed another world in the air, in the realm of clouds, above our world founded upon soil. Kinda nice.

Well, the corn and sunflowers survived to be head high and in full fruit. The columbines are going to seed, as did the arugula and lettuces. The taters and carrots are ready to pull, as are the garlic and multiplying onions—if I can extract them from the tangle of peas and sunflowers. Life is good, but humid. Mother Nature abides.

Hope Mother Nature is treating you kindly, crusty.

Last Cold Snap Haiku

Wrapped in down sleep bag.
Serenaded by the birds.

Non-Traditional Mother’s Day Haiku

Mother’s Day is here.

Bless all the mothers who don’t

Know where their kids are!

Richard Nixon was the only lesson I needed in my life about lying politicians, but I have gotten lessons after lessons that have been wasted. Wasted on me, at least. Is anyone else paying attention?? Apparently not. The Nixon debacle was the starting gun for those inclined to lie, cheat, steal, and become the festering assholes that their natures demand. Nixon walking free was a clear message that one really could get away with anything—and it has been downhill ever since. In the best of all possible worlds, Nixon would have spent his last miserable days in prison, and everyone would have been put on notice that being a lying sack of shit in public office actually has consequences. Dang.

Now that we have world class lying sacks of shit in charge, I guess we either give up or realize that when they say one thing is true, we need to look in the direction 180 degrees from that truth in order to see the actual facts. Just sayin. For myself, I don’t believe in anything I can’t put my hands on. A good egg is a good egg until you crack it open and find it bad. Gonna be crackin eggs and inspecting for myself.

Lying sacks of shit who have been lying four flushing sacks of shit their whole lives simply can’t do anything else—and oh, by they way, they never pick up the tab themselves. That falls to the little people.

The pleasures of being among the little people are few these days. Real wages have been stagnant for decades, feeble management who strive to be in the top 5% are in charge, management’s idea of leading by example is showing up late and doing nothing—-grim, grim, grim. I am glad there are young people in this startup world, and I hope it is they who disrupt the status quo, and not jaded pus pockets like President Tweet. What is going on now needs some disruption, but young people who appreciate the necessities of a simple life may give us some hope. Would much rather turn it over to the youngsters who have a vested interest in their futures as opposed to dry husks who are only worried about their friends’ abilities to get loans to default upon when convenient, with the little people picking up the tab, again, again, again.

Remember, donate in opposition to Donald Trump’s policies to your favorite activist organization, and have the acknowledgement sent to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, Wash DC 20500. No, Tweet will not be able to deduct your donation from his unpaid taxes, since YOU made the donation.

Tautology: What I am tired of hearing and what I am tired of doing in this blog.

Academia: Bloviating about others’ bloviations.

Old wood, still on the job, Challis, Idaho:

Fruits of my labor, Challis, Idaho:

Rock art, Idaho:

MFA Theses Projects, Metropolitan State, Denver:

Tea on vellum

Acknowledgements to Donald Trump, please
March 19, 2017, 1:39 am
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Reminiscing with an old friend, I recounted a traffic stop I underwent once upon a time. After said interaction, I made a donation to the ACLU in the federal officer’s name, and had an acknowledgement of my gift sent to his duty station.

I think this is a great way to boost the ACLU’s efforts to combat the erosion of our constitutional rights under President Tweet. Please have acknowledgements of your charitable and activist donations sent to the White House. Such acknowledgements can be anonymous, but the recipients of your donations can put the temporary resident at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue on notice that his life will not be easy, nor will his alternative facts be acceptable.

May government of, by, and for the People prevail, Crusty.

PS: Your acknowledgements could also request a copy of Trump’s birth certificate and all of his tax returns.

Poppy poppy poppy
March 14, 2017, 4:37 pm
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09Mar2017–First poppy bloom:

March 12, 2017, 2:49 pm
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11Mar2017–Female box turtle basking and looking for a good place to lay eggs:

Spring, Spring, Spring
March 11, 2017, 4:47 pm
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27Feb2017–First adult katydid.
28Feb2017–First Amaryllis bud and bluebirds finally in a house that they found acceptable (replaced my new one with an old one).
01Mar2017–First poppy bud, first cornflower bud.
04Mar2017–Oaks well in bloom.

05Mar2017–First flight of cedar waxwings seen.
07Mar2017–Amaryllis blossom, poppy blossom.

Yes, the bluebirds turned up their beaks at my too-secure house. I had made the hole 1.25 inches instead of 1.5 in hopes of excluding Brown Headed Cowbirds and their parasitic ways, but the bluebirds would have none of it. The old house with a 1.5 hole went up and two days later nesting material was sticking out of it and being arranged. Love it. I and my chopsticks will check the nest a couple weeks from now, and eject the cowbird eggs if it comes to that. Should be on my checklist. Bumper year for crane flies, so the bluebirds will be happy, and any other daylight insectivores.

I am caring for 37 Shumard Oaks this year. Planted 50 or so acorns and 37 had germinated or sprouted by the first of March, so they are now in one gallon containers under a sprinkler. Last year, I planted over 100 acorns, got 80-something seedlings, and found homes for 64 trees. This was part of an effort to collect acorns at the local public library, and then let library patrons take home something from the library that they would not have to bring back. Some folks liked the idea, and apparently there were 64 instances of that. Some seedlings fell short in this Kardashian world, and with much regret, I threw some on the compost pile. Kind of sad, seeing those unique genetic combinations discarded like that, and this year I hope to find homes for all 37 individuals if they make it through the summer—and maybe develop some pent up demand for next year’s crop. We shall see.

The natural world can survive very well without humans. Can humans survive without the natural world? I think not.

Hope you are thinking the same, and acting on it, crusty.

With my limited resources and no paycheck these days, I have finalized my charitable contributions list: ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Environmental Defense Fund, Union of Concerned Scientists, and public radio. Short. Sweet. If money is speech, I am a mute. But as mute as I am forced to be, I will not sit down and shut up. Can’t afford to.